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Send your faxes and more!

by Jürgen Vigna <>

KSendFax MainWindow

is an interface to known FAX-Packages like HylaFax, E-Fax or mgetty+sendfax for sending facsimiles. It incorporates also a phonebook so that recipients can be saved and selected to/from this or optionally you may use one of the KDE default addressbook kab or kaddressbook. In this new major version it also includes support for scanning, has a copletely based filter system where you now can send any type of file you know a filter for your faxpackage (or to Postscript). It also features a preview of the fax you want send (which may be composed by more than one file). It is also possible to write a short ascii text inside KSendFax and send that text. New is also the support for cover pages and you are able to send ONLY the cover page if you want to do so.

WARNING: KSendFax is not intended to configure your underlying fax server package that should be able already to send faxes on it's own!

See the KSendFax project page for more information. You may download the last release from here.

Read the User Manual here.